Stephen Williams

Vice President of Marketing
(617) 299-3399 x167

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Stephen Williams is the Vice President of Marketing for MineralTree, a leading AP and Payment Automation solution provider. He and his team are on a mission to build awareness about how companies can benefit from an automated end-to-end AP process.  

AP has largely been a manual, ad hoc process that lived outside of any centralized system. Today, companies of all sizes now have affordable options to reduce fraud risk, improve payment controls and streamline the entire AP workflow. 

During his career Stephen led marketing teams for numerous software and payment companies that improve business efficiency, saving organizations a considerable amount of time and money.

About Us: MineralTree makes the easiest-to-use mobile and online AP automation software for finance professionals like you at growing organizations. Whether you’re a controller, AP manager, CFO, or other payment approver, MineralTree’s invoice payment processing solution streamlines AP, giving you significant cost savings and unparalleled control in an affordable, integrated platform with guaranteed fraud protection. We’re focused exclusively on invoice-to-payment automation so businesses benefit from using it and banks, accounting firms, and CPAs can offer it to their customers.