Sacha Thompson

The Equity Equation, LLC
Founder and CEO
(202) 258-3094

Sacha Thompson is the founder of The Equity Equation, LLC, a diversity coaching and consulting firm based in the Washington, DC area.  With nearly 20 years of experience within the education, non-profit and tech industries, Sacha has seen the challenges faced by executives with good intentions struggling to make decisions around diversity. Where executives are motivated to do the ‘right thing’ when it comes to DEI but may be hindered by their own biases and fears. She’s also seen, and experienced, the damage endured by BIPOC employees when they are not centered/valued in their company’s DEI efforts.

Sacha’s work is about removing barriers or providing support in order to get to a place of equality. She helps executives and leaders have that important dialogue, and coach them to the necessary, long-term changes that develop institutional cultures of DEI.

Sacha received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology concentrating on Cultural Diversity & Ethnicity and a Masters in Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership from The College of William and Mary. Also, she has acquired her Masters of Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University where she focused on management and marketing.

About Us: We help overworked and unrecognized mid-career professionals of color to confidently show up each day without fear that they can't be their true selves in the workforce. While teaching and advising the DEI experts who support these professionals and the companies they work for, on how to transcend biases in the workplace; resulting in a more inclusive environment where all team members and populations feel heard, connected, and valued; which ultimately boosts the morale and effectiveness of all.