Naren Arulrajah

Founder and CEO
905 216 3239

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Naren Arulraja, Founder and CEO of Dominate CPA/ Ekwa Marketing. Naren is the Winner of the 2014 Leadership Initiative Award for Online Marketing. He not only runs and manages his own companies, but he is also sought after by many of his clients as a consultant to their own businesses. Naren has helped many clients achieve their financial and firms goals. Through Naren’s vision and insight, Ekwa Marketing elevates clients across the US, Canada and the UK to the number one position on all major search engines.

About Us: Dominate CPA is one of the newest members of a growing family of Ekwa Marketing services.Ekwa was originally formed to answer the need for reliable digital services for medical professionals, who are held to especially high standards in terms of quality, security, professionalism, and respectability. As the company grew and catapulted many medical professionals to success, it became apparent that high-level professionals in several other fields were facing similar issues when choosing a marketing company. We have since expanded to include specialized services for several professions, including accounting.