Logan Ransley

Landlord Studio

Logan Ransley is the Head of Accountant Partnerships and Co-Founder of Landlord Studio. He is also an official member of the Forbes Real Estate Council. Landlord Studio provides rental accounting and property management software to over 4000+ self-managing landlords (managing 38,000+ properties) to help them stay organized and prepared for the tax season. Landlord Studio is dedicated to helping CPA firms deliver exceptional value to their Schedule E clients through educational resources and software tools.

About Us: For landlords who are self-managing their rental properties, our platform offers a purpose-built method of tracking income and expenses, harnessing automation including open banking to streamline payment tracking and management. Landlord Studio also assists with property management by automating workflow and centralizing information. Track Income, Deposits, and Expenses Online Rent Collection Upload Receipts and Documents Personal and Tenant Reminders SmartMove Tenant Screening.