Lauren H. Stinson, CMI

Windward Tax

Lauren Stinson, CMI is owner and president of Windward Tax. Windward Tax is a sales and use tax consulting agency that specializes in working with manufacturers. Lauren has more than 25 years of experience providing her clients with expert advice, planning and training on sales and use tax issues including overpayment reviews, nexus, exemption certificates and voluntary disclosure agreements. Lauren is a Certified Member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation (CMI). This is the highest level of professional achievement in sales and use taxation. She also serves on the Tax Committee of the Georgia Association of Manufacturers. She is a regular contributor to, writing the manufacturing blogs as well as the Georgia sales tax blogs. Lauren works with clients throughout the United States, ranging in size from multinational manufacturers to single-location plants.

About Us: Windward Tax is a full-service sales and use tax firm which specializes in working with manufacturers. Our team of experts include certified sales tax consultants (CMIs), former state auditors, manufacturing industry experts and tax software consultants. We use our experience and industry connections to solve sales and use tax problems and put more money back in the pockets of our clients. At Windward Tax we focus on identifying each client’s unique pain points and recommending solutions that emphasize self-management. Our services include reverse audits, Compass complete assessments and sales and use tax training. We also address more specific issues such as audit management, nexus studies and exemption certificate management.