Evan Unzelman

Sterling Foundation Management
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Evan is a recognized expert and sought-after speaker in the field of charitable planning, and CRTs in particular. He speaks widely to a variety of audiences including attorneys, accountants and financial advisors, primarily on the sale of income interests in CRTs, CRT rollovers, tax implications of CRTs, and the role CRTs play in the estate and wealth planning of affluent clients.

Evan's articles have appeared in publications such as Estate Planning, NAEPC’s Journal of Tax & Estate Planning, Wealth Strategies Journal and Atlantic Trust’s Trusted Advisor. He was also the lead editor of Managing Foundations and Charitable Trusts (Bloomberg Press), which is largely regarded as the definitive guide to managing charitable entities. 

About Us: Over the years, we have worked with a broad range of clients to help them achieve their philanthropic, family, and financial goals through the effective use of private foundations and other charitable planning vehicles. No two charitable visions are alike; yours is as individual as you are. The best foundations are developed and managed with that quality in mind. We invite you to let Sterling assist you in creating a foundation that is both personal and impactful.