Evan Deford

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Director of Expert Services

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As part of the Inflo leadership team, Evan DeFord, CPA specializes in educating client firms and their teams about deploying Inflo in real-world accounting scenarios.
Evan brings over 10 years of accounting and auditing experience with emphasis in audit data and audit risk. Beyond being a former practitioner, he has held past roles at the National Office level, was on the task force for the AICPA Audit Data Analytics Guide and on the Board of Examiners for the CPA exam. This experience provides him with the relevant context to ensure Inflo is aligned with auditing standards, firm methodologies and the skills CPAs require in the future.

About Us: Inflo is an award-winning, cloud-based platform. At Inflo, we make remote auditing easy using Workpapers engagement workflow through our data-driven audit and review methodologies to automate mundane and routine tasks. With embedded audit data analytics, you can safely replace manual work and with our digital collaboration you can work more effectively and collaboratively with clients.