Dan Basch

CFO and Director of Business Relations
(585) 402-9499

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Dan is the Chief Financial Officer for TaxExact as well as the CFO & Director of Business Relations for Roberts Accounting, CPAs P.C. With over a decade of banking experience primarily in the commercial banking arena before joining TaxExact and Roberts Accounting, Dan has consulted with companies in varying stages of the business cycle from pre-revenue to M&A activity.

Primarily focused on the growth of business advisory services for Roberts Accounting, Dan is passionate about the TaxExact review methodology for its time savings, accuracy, and value it brings to newer reviewers in the firm.

Despite the unprecedented tax season of 2021, Dan was able to master the no-weekends-done-by-4:30-every-day work schedule most tax professionals don’t think possible. 

About Us: TaxExact™ is the only tax verification tool on the market that transforms the 1040 tax return review process. Until now, the focus has primarily been on automating the tax preparation process. This patent-pending tax technology works seamlessly with all tax software to verify every return’s accuracy, dramatically reduce review time, and develop staff. With an intuitive user experience and built-in workflow, TaxExact™ helps tax practices be more productive and profitable.