Brent Beverly

Cloudnine Real Time
Director of Technology
(888) 869-0076

Extraordinary service is the result of anticipating the need and providing the solution before the customer requires it”. One of the statements that Mr. Beverly meets day by day as he completes business projects and technology management. In his career, Brent has over 10 years of experience, multiple certifications and compliance knowledge with HIPAA, PCI, and SSAE. Brent has completed many SSAE audits that has given him insight into control variables. His technology experience in different enterprise business verticals has given him the knowledge and cognitive thinking to make precise decisions in circumstances that arise. Brent’s leadership, adaptability, patience, and commitment has continually built his relationship with all of his business partners. Brent oversees all company technology, production and implementation according to the company’s strategy for technology platforms, partnerships and external relationships, as well as building and managing the technology team. He is responsible for making sure all new and current technology meets and sustains all IT best practices daily. Data center management is also part of his responsibility, insuring all uptime requirements are met continuously.

About Us: Cloud9 Real Time is an Accredited Managed Service Provider delivering dynamic Cloud Solutions for Anytime, Anywhere access to all of your software applications, data and users in one centralized location. Licensed by both Intuit and Sage for Commercial Hosting and offering a customized, privately labeled all-in-one virtual office solution for your staff and your clients. Voted best Hosting company by the CPA Practice Advisor, named the K2 Quality Award winner for Best Cloud Provider and receiver of the 2013 Sleeter Awesome App, Cloud9 Real Time provides clients a secure and private cloud solution. On the forefront of cloud computing, Cloud9 Real Time offers QuickBooks hosting as well as custom virtual server creation. Never charging for storage, IT or maintenance, get your business on Cloud9 today!