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Monica Haven
(310) 286-9161

Although California-based, Monica Haven’s firm serves the needs of domestic and international clients scattered throughout the world from Austria to Zimbabwe. Okay, so we don’t really have clients in the South African nation, but it sounds better than to state that our client base includes everyone from A to Z.  But we do have a client in Gabon (that’s in Africa) and we have others in Central America, Asia, and all over Europe.  Someday, we hope to brag that we have clients on all seven continents.

With the help of diligent support staff and a large research library, we guide our clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions.  We invite you to visit the company’s website where you’ll find:

  • Information about Credentials held and Services provided.
  • Newly published student texts and reference manuals.
  • Specialty pages dedicated to all things foreign, estate & gift taxation, senior, and small business issues.
  • A Peer2Peer page designed to make things a bit easier for fellow practitioners.
  • A How to... page to which you may refer your clients when they ask how to reach the IRS, order tax forms, pay online, check on refunds, amongst many other common queries.
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