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Beacon Wealth Consulting South, LLC
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Beacon Wealth Consulting South (BWC) is a boutique firm located in Naples, Florida which specializes in creating tailored financial plans for high net worth families. Susan's expertise in estate, insurance, and tax planning is the basis for the comprehensive, multigenerational plans that she develops for her clients.

BWC is also an independent insurance brokerage firm that often partners with other planners who do not have insurance expertise. BWC customizes life insurance plans for the high net worth clients in the context of the family’s overall financial plan, often integrated with sophisticated estate and retirement planning strategies.

BWC prides itself on successful collaboration with the clients’ team of advisors and/or family office. Susan Joy Bruno, the firm’s founder, and is a nationally recognized CPA/PFS for her work in life insurance planning.

Susan recently launched “The Beacon Method” which is a consulting service to help CPAs launch a financial planning practice or simply help financial planners take their practices from good to great. Some of the topics she will cover include:

  • How to leverage junior staff members to help them grow while also making your clients happier
  • How and why to add women to your practice
  • How to use the 6Ds fire drill to motivate your clients
  • How to add more graphics for your visual learners
  • How to add life insurance consulting or brokerage to your practice without compromising your objectivity or integrity