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(Unselling) How to Land More High-Profit Engagements Without “Selling” at All


This webinar is intended for small, medium, and large firms, as well as other small to medium-sized business owners (Not for CPAs working in a corporate environment, unless they are responsible for bringing in new business)

Cost Free
Presentation Length 1.0 hour

Recorded DateApril 12, 2022
CPE:Not available
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Course LevelBasic
Course Description

It’s probably no secret that accountants are great with numbers, but many are uncomfortable with “selling,” at least in the traditional sense. Some have even said they feel selling is “unethical or evil.” But selling at the core is just about building solid relationships, and relationships are vital to our existence. After all, EVERYBODY needs helpful guidance here and there.

Join Anthony Simonie, co-founder of Client Elevator, and Donald Stojack, Chief Business Strategist (former strategist to Tony Robbins), as they share the exact process they and their accounting clients are using to consistently bring in highly profitable engagements, with affluent clientele. You’ll learn specific frameworks to engage in productive conversations that are comfortable for both you and the prospects. Implementing this framework (whether it’s you or staff members taking your calls) will engage prospects in unique ways, winning more business and boxing out the competition nipping at your heels.

Being able to effectively communicate the value of what you’re offering (or suggesting) is a vital skill in business and life. It can mean the difference between success and failure in your practice and even your most precious relationships. Most accounting firms are wasting marketing budgets—losing tens of thousands of dollars—by not having a comfortable, frictionless sales process to convert prospects to clients.

Whether it’s YOU doing the selling for your practice OR you have a staff member doing it, having the RIGHT process is the key to higher profit engagements, with less resistance. Unfortunately, many have no idea what they’re ACTUALLY selling. (Hint: It’s not tax prep, bookkeeping, financial, or tax planning.) And not understanding this is holding back far too many good people in the accounting profession from making the difference they’re here to make.

The truth is, you can be a caring, hard-working person and still not be making a lot of money or making a difference in the world. With integrity and the right words, you can have people see your value, invest in your services, and give you consistent referrals. It requires knowing how to say something useful, when to say it, and whom to say it to. Think about this: the only difference between a $1 bill and a $100 bill is the message on the paper. When you start changing the words you use in your communications, you can very quickly transform your practice and results, and get a MUCH HIGHER ROI on all your marketing efforts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the ONE mistake 90% or more accountants are making in their sales process and specifically how to fix it.

  • Identify the ONE thing, that if uncovered, will increase your engagement win rate by 20% to 30% or more

  • Recall the ONE question that immediately builds rapport and engages prospects into deep and meaningful conversation

  • Identify what selling REALLY is and the misconceptions that are killing results for most

  • Recall the Ethical 7-Step Conversational Framework (influenced by Donald’s work with Tony Robbins) that gets consistent and predictable results for even the timidest person.

  • Identify how to avoid the most common mistakes that derail conversations and send high net worth clients running for the hills and into your competitor’s arms.

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Anthony Simonie

Client Elevator
CEO and Co-Founder
(512) 649-1304


After building multiple seven-figure online and offline businesses from scratch, Anthony turned his attention to helping other small and medium-sized companies scale profits by leveraging his unique no BS approach to marketing and sales. 

You’ll often hear him say that “Results are all that matter.” 

For more than 14 years, his passion has helped businesses and professional service providers grow sales and profits by effectively leveraging unique marketing and sales strategies, both online and offline.

Anthony has what some call a "gift" to find new and hidden profit opportunities and deploy systems and processes that predictably attract, convert, and retain high-quality clients and customers. 

Anthony has worked alongside some of the most brilliant business minds on the planet and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his clients. 

He’s successfully built three brick-and-mortar service-based businesses, co-founded four successful online consulting and training companies (serving more than 10,000 clients).

He's become a highly sought-after business strategist that is known for getting things done. 

Anthony is married with two children through adoption and resides in Austin, TX.


Donald Stojack

Client Elevator
Chief Business Strategist
(512) 649-1304


With over 40 years of business experience in the trenches, Donald brings an extensive repository of knowledge he has tapped as a successful strategist and consultant. In 2008, Donald was selected to be on the elite team of Chet Holmes International. He stayed with Chet to forge a business relationship with Tony Robbins to create the successful Business Mastery Seminar model and Business Breakthroughs International. Those connections and relationships also lead Donald to work alongside master business minds – Jay Abraham, Scott Hallman, Eben Pagan, and many others.

For the past six years, Donald has been on the team of Go Meta Media, an Eben Pagan company – serving thousands of entrepreneurs in the digital information and coaching industries. Donald is also a Chief Business Strategist at Client Elevator and The Virtual Profit Plan group - a team of online business experts that helps companies develop traction with their online presence (

A father of six, Donald lives in the Seattle, Washington area and enjoys spending time kayaking on the many inland waterways and walking the many forested trails.

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