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Hybrid or Hangup? New Forms of Work-Life Management


Accounting MOVE Project special presentation: Course 3 of 4
Course Description

As the pandemic eases and firms crystallize new ways of onsite work, firms are searching for ways to ease the transition to still-forming, new modes of working with each other and with clients. For some MOVE Project firms, the 2020 wrenching transition to fully remote work yielded insights that challenged and reinforced their approaches to advancing diverse talent through work flexibility. Realizing that post-COVID-19 changes can buoy them through unexpected future challenges, these firms are integrating the best of what worked in 2020 with the emerging challenges of 2021. 

Key Points: 

  • Assumptions about what flexibility of time and place meant were tested in the crucible of 2020's extreme demands

  • Firms were forced to concentrate on the core imperatives of workplace flexibility: exactly how does it support firm growth and professional career growth?

  • Planning and new business pursuits must integrate flexibility if firms are to realize the best avenues for organizational and staff growth 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Recognize that flexibility requires ongoing design and cultivation; it is not a "set it and forget it" proposition

  • Identify where "radical transparency" equips professionals with the context for pursuing integrated personal and firm goals

  • Describe flexibility as a cornerstone tool that requires firm leaders to assume little, aim big, and forge new working relationships with clients

  • Express why career paths and training must be designed to quickly integrate with fast-breaking business conditions

About the Mini-Summit: The Accounting MOVE Project presents the 2021 Recovery Reset

As firms quickly regain momentum in the COVID-19 recovery, they have a chance to re-center diversity, inclusion, and equity priorities and programs to accelerate the advancement of women and women of color. This fast-paced, practical mini-summit equips firm leaders, talent development staff, and advocates for women with tactics they can use to win women back and forge new ways of working that can permanently strengthen women's careers and firm stability and performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • How leading firms are adapting their diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts to have a voice in the national conversation is increasingly fraught, fragmented, and urgent

  • How firms that are recognized innovators in designing careers in sync  with women's priorities have retooled to retain key talent

  • Tactics that are working now to draw women back to the partnership pipeline

  • How to use virtual and hybrid internships to strengthen first career experiences for diverse talent

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Lori Kaiser is a chief executive, corporate leader, visionary, and business strategist with a proven track record in assessing risk and creating solutions for Fortune 500 Company C-Level Executives and Boards. As CEO of Kaiser Consulting, Lori provides clients' value-based services that allow organizations to navigate transitions and successfully execute critical projects. She is considered a trusted advisor to executive management on risk identification and mitigation, mergers, acquisitions, and integrations. She combines strong business judgment, financial acumen, a global perspective, and a team approach to implement innovative solutions to complex business challenges. She meets all the criteria and currently functions as an SEC Audit Committee Financial Expert.

Lori has founded and led the firm to nearly 30 years of successive revenue growth achieving multi-million dollar revenues. With the foresight to capitalize upon a niche market, the firm partners finance and accounting professionals with companies through a unique, flexible staffing business model that provides high-level consulting and business solutions. Lori established and continues to direct growth in long-term client relationships by delivering accomplished financial, technical, and project management with staffing consistency on client engagements.


Tracy White

Clark Nuber
Chief Human Resources Officer

(425) 454-4919

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Clark Nuber has consistently been named one of Washington's best places to work. That tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Tracy's passion for her job.

Tracy's efforts have been rewarded by a constant stream of top talent and remarkably high retention rates in an industry starved for talented people. Even in her spare time, she volunteers with the Washington State SHRM as a board of directors member. Her deep understanding of the accounting industry comes from a lifetime of experience; before joining Clark Nuber, Tracy spent sixteen years at the Washington Society of CPAs.

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The mission of the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance is to enable women in all accounting and finance fields to achieve their full potential and to contribute to their profession. Founded in 1938 to increase the opportunities for women in all fields of accounting and finance, members of the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance and their companies benefit from resources that accelerate their professional growth.